septiembre 30, 2008


PAULA LEDESMA is a teacher of English who holds a Joaquín V. Gonzalez Degree and who has completed an adcription on History of the USA at IS Juan Ramón Fernandez (Lenguas Vivas) She is a candidate to the Lincenciatura en Lengua Inglesa at Universidad Tecnológica Nacional. She teaches language at St Catherine’s Moorlands School in Tortuguitas (Buenos Aires Province) at middle school level. Besides, she coordinates Institute Helping North ELT which offers lessons in-company and at private homes. She is also the coordiantor of the English department at OTT College in Acassuso which specialises in tourism, hotel management and Public Relations. In addition, she is an external examiner of IB exams in History Paper II. She is currently teaching English online to students all around the world an has started a social network for teacher who want to share Internet resources:

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