diciembre 30, 2008


Helping North ELT is pleased to invite All Teachers to "THE 2009 INTERNET TOUR FOR
EFL TEACHERS" by Prof. Paula Ledesma, to be held on February 17th, 2009,
At OTT COLLEGE (In front of Acassuso train station,Great Bs As, Argentina)

Time: 9:30 to 12:00
Registration by mail is essential
Do not hesitate to contact us for further information


Helping North

For the last 5 years, she has been the coordinator of studies at Institute Helping North ELT which offers lessons in-company and private homes and which outsources services to other institutions. She is also the coordinator of the English department and lecturer at OTT College, which specializes in Hospitality. She has been teaching language and history at St Catherine’s Moorlands School, at middle school level and she is an international examiner for the IB diplomas in charge of assessing History papers. She is currently teaching English online to students from all around the world and is in charge of the organization of the online teachers’ social network:
Teachers'' social network

diciembre 22, 2008


I have started a NING group to be in touch with teachers from all around the world. In this network you can post discussione, start blogs, upload videos and meet colleagues from all around the world. If you are a teacher and you would like to join us please visit www.teach-with-internet.ning.com

diciembre 05, 2008


One of the best ways to profit from advanced technology is to use it to work confortably at home and save time. Stuying online is one of the possible alternatives you have available now. Besides, you can take advantage of the fact that the tutor is concentrated on your progress and that the lesson is done at the time you choose. You may ask as many questions as you need or want and the tutor will be able to guide you and to help you improve all those areas where you need to do so. Book a trial lesson right now and have a try.


diciembre 04, 2008


The Internet has come to play a significant role in numerous aspects of people’s lives. The arms of the World Wide Web have reached the teaching of languages and the schooling of English in particular. Nevertheless, innumerable EFL (English as a Foreign Language) lessons are still taught using old traditional resources and not yet applying this new tool. We have carried out some research which purports to examine the extent to which teachers of English in Buenos Aires perceive the use of the Internet as an instrumental pedagogical tool. In order to collect data for this study, some secondary school teachers from Buenos Aires and Great Buenos Aires were presented with a questionnaire which focused on the degree to which they considered the Internet a beneficial tool when applied to teaching. Other issues that we explored were the educators’ Internet expertise and the frequency with which they applied the Internet or Internet resources to their teaching practices. The results revealed that a large number of the surveyed educators are conversant with the basic Internet resources and most of them consider the Internet as a highly beneficial tool. Nevertheless, even though most teachers declared to be acquainted with a great array of Internet resources, a very small number of the teachers interviewed appear to make real use of these resources as part of their teaching on a regular basis.

(Research carried out by Prof. Martín Villarreal and Prof. Paula Ledesma. UTN 2008)

For further information about this research paper, please contact us:

noviembre 23, 2008


English language teachers have to meet great challenges every day. One of their most arduous ventures is to try to make their students use English language in class all the time. Oftentimes, students avoid using the language they are learning unless they are forced to make use of it. For instance, some students may find it very hard to speak in English when they are trying to depict some kind of emotion, thus resorting to their mother tongue to make themselves clear. Should teachers forbid these instances of communication if they are not carried out in English? Some writers support the idea that the use of the mother tongue does not necessarily undermine the leaning process. They believe that when the class involves students who are just beginning to learn it may be necessary for them to use their mother tongue as an unavoidable component of their learning process. It is the purpose of this essay to explore and comment on those instances in which classroom talk does not compulsorily have to take place in English.
The use of the students’ native language in class should not always be considered wrong. Teachers should not disregard the fact that when students’ feelings have been touched in some way, they may feel the yearning to express themselves using their mother tongue. Besides, given the importance of establishing a close rapport with students, teachers need to pay attention to what students need to communicate about themselves, even when this is not making them exercise their oral performance in the target language. Indeed, allowing students to use their native language in class whenever they need to express their excitement, sadness or even disappointment could be considered acceptable.

Written by Prof. Paula Ledesma
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noviembre 16, 2008


Have you heard of those "meet-your-friends" sites that are so popular nowadays? Let's have our own now as teachers/ students who meet online! let's share ideas, upload videos and photos, comment on different issues!
Join me at http://www.yuwie.com/teach-with-internet/

Each one of us has to make his/her own profile attractive, upload videos, post blog messages, give suggestions ask for advice and INVITE FRIENDS.

Every time you complete one of these tasks, all you friends and colleagues get to know about it and that's how they may choose to visit your profile and have a look at the material you want to share.

You may also join my club http://clubs.yuwie.com/teach-with-internet/ and upload your material there. I have been adding lots of interesting material myself and you may all have a look at it when you click on my picture or profile link.
A last but not least important reminder. Do invite the other teachers in MY list of TOP FRIENDS to become your friends please, that's how you will be notified when THEY have something to share.

noviembre 11, 2008

ONLINE ENGLISH - Many benefits!

ONE TO ONE LESSONS! You will find it incredible! Just schedule your lesson, and contact your tutor on due time! You will have a tutor all for you. Ask as many times as you need. Improve your grammar and practise your pronunciation! Complete the activities online, watch videos, sing songs. Practise for exams. Many students from all around the world have already taken a trial lesson and have started to see the positive points about studying online. It looks like a simple chat! but you have access to the latest material, guided activities and practice for the different skills. You may choose whether to have some homework for the next lesson and your tutor will correct it online either before, during or after the class. The numerous amount of resources available online allow your tutor to guide you to use the best alternatives to your own benefits.
You may also post any questions you consider necessary even when you are not taking the class and you will son get an answer. Take advantage of the free trial lessons and decide for yourself.

Contact us now and get a free trial lesson.





noviembre 03, 2008


Contact us:
Skype: helpingnorth

Practise your conversational English!
Learn Slang and survival language!
Practise your business vocabulary in context!

HELPING NORTH ONLINE is now available to help and tutor students to speak English better, to practise grammar, vocabulary, prepare for exams and so on. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection. You may start a course with a free 15-minute interview to check your English language level. This interview is done using Skype, Google talk or yahoo Messenger. After the interview, you may decide to enroll in a course and schedule the first lesson. You may buy a packet of 12 lessons and get 10 % discount. You may pay using PayPal or western Union. All the courses and tutorials have exercises that you can do online. You will also have suggested audio practise and videos you can dowload to go on improving your language

Schedule your appointment with the teacher sending us an e-mail. You will have a 15 min. lesson FOR FREE to check your level!


noviembre 02, 2008


If you need to find out how to write a good semiotic analysis of a newspaper or magazine add, contact us to have a lesson online. (helpingnorth@gmail.com)

Sample introduction:

An analysis of Women Images in Two Magazine Advertisements (TOTAL AMOUNT OF WORDS OF THE WHOLE ANALYSIS 1600)

I have chosen to compare and contrast two advertisements found within the context of text advertising which show images of women and to discuss the way in which both of them depict women’s gender role.
The two ads were located in magazines with different readership. The first ad (Jumbo) was found in a local magazine (Miradas, October 2008) which mainly deals with yellowish pieces of news and gossip about the show-business. The Second ad (LG) was taken from an American design magazine which focuses on high standard and luxurious home decoration (Elle Decor, November 2004)
The design of the local advertisement shows the drawing of a woman speaking on the phone, enclosed in a circle. Inside the circle, there is a baby’s dummy which is not proportionate with the woman’s size. This dummy may actually be an indexical image indicating that there is a baby involved in the conversation probably related to the woman and the big size of the dummy may signify the importance of the signified (the baby). As regards the telephone, it may be referred to both as an icon (representing what it shows) and as a symbol standing for communication.

(Analysis written by Prof. Paula Ledesma, UTN, 2008)

octubre 29, 2008

SPANISH online

Spanish with Argentine teacher
Contact us:
Skype: helpingnorth

HELPING NORTH ONLINE is available to help students speak SPANISH and to practise grammar, vocabulary, prepare for exams and so on. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection. You may start a course with a free 15 minute interview to check your SPANISH language level. Send us a mail or contact us through MSN to schedule your trial lesson.
You may also schedule a lesson clicking here: http://www.buddyschool.com/teaching.html?pa=19990 (Tutor: English_helping)

Study in Buenos Aires We are very pleased to have so many foreigners living in or visiting our country. It is a fact that most foreign people feel the need to communicate in our language on many occasions, even though they manage with English in most places. Thus, we decided to offer foreigners the possibility to study Spanish with our specialised teachers, who can cater for most of their needs. We organise Spanish intensive courses with special social or business orientation. Furthermore, all our courses are taken to the student’s place, either home, hotel or workplace. Moreover, we organise special “City-Tour” courses in which our teachers take the learner around the city to “live the language”. We also provide them with all the necessary material for their daily work. Besides, in all our ordinary courses we make use of the most up-dated authentic material to guarantee effective learning in contact with current issues. In order to provide the necessary qualifications in the study of Spanish as a foreign language, Helping North has a special agreement with the Buenos Aires University (UBA) that guarantee our students the best certification of the level they reach. As soon as foreign students contact us, we offer them an interview where we set objectives and the estimated time to devote to each course.

Vuelos Baratos

octubre 28, 2008


Tutoría en idioma Inglés para todas las materias

  • ¿Necesitas que tus hijos preparen mejor sus exámenes de fin de año?
  • ¿Llegan tarde a casa y ya no queres que salgan otra vez?
  • ¿Crees que nada les llama más la atención que estar frente a su PC chateando?

Todo esto puede solucionarse! Si creías imposible hacerlos practicar con un tutor antes de los próximos exámenes, ahora podes hacerlos estudiar online! Sólo necesitas tener acceso a algún sistema de comunicación instantánea online.
El sistema de tutorías les permite tomar clases en base a los temas específicos que ellos necesiten, aprender reglas gramaticales, vocabulario, escritura guiada, conversación, pronunciación, lectura comprensiva, history, literature, etc. Para solicitar una prueba de 15 min. contactate con:



octubre 22, 2008


En sus orígenes Helping North se concibió con la idea de enseñar ingles de forma profesional y amena en la comodidad del hogar. Se estableció en una primera etapa en Zona Norte de Buenos Aires, cuando se vio la necesidad de facilitar a sus habitantes un servicio que fuese más allá de la simple enseñanza del idioma. Pudimos comprobar que un gran porcentaje de los interesados en aprender inglés estaban generalmente atados a tener que concurrir a institutos a tomar cursos despersonalizados, en muchos casos multitudinarios y con horarios preestablecidos. Dicha situación se agrava aun mas cuando el alumno vive en countries y barrios cerrados de la zona, ya que están alejados de los centros de estudios convencionales. Todos estos factores suelen generar el abandono de las clases de ingles y la frustración personal.Los fundadores de Helping North, la Profesora Paula Ledesma y el empresario Martín Liserre Moreno, comprobaron que la mejor forma de aprender el idioma ingles era en la comodidad de la propia casa u oficina, donde con la metodología apropiada y los profesores idóneos el alumno puede hacer mejor uso de las herramientas que se le brindan para capacitarse y aprender el idioma fácilmente. Nos pusimos como meta que nuestros alumnos alcancen el éxito en su aprendizaje, ya sea en el área social, laboral o escolar. Por lo tanto, impulsamos a los mismos en forma individual para alcanzar sus objetivos confeccionando un plan de estudios a su medida y haciendo pleno aprovechamiento de los tiempos para alcanzar el mejor rendimiento.
Visite nuestra página web: http://www.helpingnorth.com.ar/

octubre 15, 2008


Would you like to study English in an English Speaking country? Choose the city you like best, let us know and we arrage it all for you!
Intensive courses every month of the year in the best international language centres.
Where? You choose!
Oxford; London; Brighton; Cambridge; Manchester; Boston; San Diego; Los Angeles; San Francisco; Seatle; Toronto; Sidney; and many other places.

Contact us for more information


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PAULA LEDESMA is a teacher of English who holds a Joaquín V. Gonzalez Degree and who has completed an adcription on History of the USA at IS Juan Ramón Fernandez (Lenguas Vivas) She is a candidate to the Lincenciatura en Lengua Inglesa at Universidad Tecnológica Nacional. She teaches language at St Catherine’s Moorlands School in Tortuguitas (Buenos Aires Province) at middle school level. Besides, she coordinates Institute Helping North ELT which offers lessons in-company and at private homes. She is also the coordiantor of the English department at OTT College in Acassuso which specialises in tourism, hotel management and Public Relations. In addition, she is an external examiner of IB exams in History Paper II. She is currently teaching English online to students all around the world an has started a social network for teacher who want to share Internet resources: