diciembre 04, 2008


The Internet has come to play a significant role in numerous aspects of people’s lives. The arms of the World Wide Web have reached the teaching of languages and the schooling of English in particular. Nevertheless, innumerable EFL (English as a Foreign Language) lessons are still taught using old traditional resources and not yet applying this new tool. We have carried out some research which purports to examine the extent to which teachers of English in Buenos Aires perceive the use of the Internet as an instrumental pedagogical tool. In order to collect data for this study, some secondary school teachers from Buenos Aires and Great Buenos Aires were presented with a questionnaire which focused on the degree to which they considered the Internet a beneficial tool when applied to teaching. Other issues that we explored were the educators’ Internet expertise and the frequency with which they applied the Internet or Internet resources to their teaching practices. The results revealed that a large number of the surveyed educators are conversant with the basic Internet resources and most of them consider the Internet as a highly beneficial tool. Nevertheless, even though most teachers declared to be acquainted with a great array of Internet resources, a very small number of the teachers interviewed appear to make real use of these resources as part of their teaching on a regular basis.

(Research carried out by Prof. Martín Villarreal and Prof. Paula Ledesma. UTN 2008)

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