octubre 29, 2008

SPANISH online

Spanish with Argentine teacher
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HELPING NORTH ONLINE is available to help students speak SPANISH and to practise grammar, vocabulary, prepare for exams and so on. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection. You may start a course with a free 15 minute interview to check your SPANISH language level. Send us a mail or contact us through MSN to schedule your trial lesson.
You may also schedule a lesson clicking here: http://www.buddyschool.com/teaching.html?pa=19990 (Tutor: English_helping)

Study in Buenos Aires We are very pleased to have so many foreigners living in or visiting our country. It is a fact that most foreign people feel the need to communicate in our language on many occasions, even though they manage with English in most places. Thus, we decided to offer foreigners the possibility to study Spanish with our specialised teachers, who can cater for most of their needs. We organise Spanish intensive courses with special social or business orientation. Furthermore, all our courses are taken to the student’s place, either home, hotel or workplace. Moreover, we organise special “City-Tour” courses in which our teachers take the learner around the city to “live the language”. We also provide them with all the necessary material for their daily work. Besides, in all our ordinary courses we make use of the most up-dated authentic material to guarantee effective learning in contact with current issues. In order to provide the necessary qualifications in the study of Spanish as a foreign language, Helping North has a special agreement with the Buenos Aires University (UBA) that guarantee our students the best certification of the level they reach. As soon as foreign students contact us, we offer them an interview where we set objectives and the estimated time to devote to each course.

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