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Sample introduction:

An analysis of Women Images in Two Magazine Advertisements (TOTAL AMOUNT OF WORDS OF THE WHOLE ANALYSIS 1600)

I have chosen to compare and contrast two advertisements found within the context of text advertising which show images of women and to discuss the way in which both of them depict women’s gender role.
The two ads were located in magazines with different readership. The first ad (Jumbo) was found in a local magazine (Miradas, October 2008) which mainly deals with yellowish pieces of news and gossip about the show-business. The Second ad (LG) was taken from an American design magazine which focuses on high standard and luxurious home decoration (Elle Decor, November 2004)
The design of the local advertisement shows the drawing of a woman speaking on the phone, enclosed in a circle. Inside the circle, there is a baby’s dummy which is not proportionate with the woman’s size. This dummy may actually be an indexical image indicating that there is a baby involved in the conversation probably related to the woman and the big size of the dummy may signify the importance of the signified (the baby). As regards the telephone, it may be referred to both as an icon (representing what it shows) and as a symbol standing for communication.

(Analysis written by Prof. Paula Ledesma, UTN, 2008)

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