noviembre 16, 2008


Have you heard of those "meet-your-friends" sites that are so popular nowadays? Let's have our own now as teachers/ students who meet online! let's share ideas, upload videos and photos, comment on different issues!
Join me at

Each one of us has to make his/her own profile attractive, upload videos, post blog messages, give suggestions ask for advice and INVITE FRIENDS.

Every time you complete one of these tasks, all you friends and colleagues get to know about it and that's how they may choose to visit your profile and have a look at the material you want to share.

You may also join my club and upload your material there. I have been adding lots of interesting material myself and you may all have a look at it when you click on my picture or profile link.
A last but not least important reminder. Do invite the other teachers in MY list of TOP FRIENDS to become your friends please, that's how you will be notified when THEY have something to share.

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